Registered Texas Longhorn Beef

Are you someone who cares about the quality of the food you eat? Are you looking for lean, grass-fed beef that tastes great? Look no further than Struthoff Ranch Registered Texas Longhorn Beef! All of our animals are bred, born, and naturally raised here on our ranch in Texas. They have never received growth-promoting hormones and have never been confined to a feed lot. Studies have shown that meat from forage- or grass-fed ruminants has a greater concentration of Omega-3 Fatty Acids than that from their feed-lot or grain-fed counterparts. Longhorn beef is lower in calories, fat, and cholesterol than most other types of meat but still retains its fantastic flavor. We will have many different cuts of meat available, ground beef, and marrow bones that have been individually vacuum-sealed.

Current Availability:

Ground Beef - $6.00/lb

Bone In Ribeye - $12.00/lb
Sirloin - $8.00/lb
T-Bone - $11.00/lb
Tenderloin Steak Fillet - $18.00/lb

New York Strip - $10.00/lb
Shank Cut (Osso Buco) - $7.00/lb
Brisket - $7.00/lb
Chuck Roast - $6.00/lb 
Rump Roast - $6.00/lb
Skirt Steak - $6.00/lb
Flank Steak - $6.00/lb
Short Ribs - $7.00/lb
Cheek - $4.00/lb
Heart - $5.50/lb
Liver - $7.00/lb 
Marrow Bones - $6.00/lb
Oxtail - $9.00/lb
Tongue - $3.50/lb