Lot#: 25

Smarty Pants Slayer

Date of Birth:
Black and white paint
Owner Name:
Struthoff Ranch
Russell Freeman
previous lot # 21
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Sales Comments:
Smarty Pants Slayer is a fantastic black and white cow with pretty, black-tipped horns. She raises a healthy calf each year, has a calm disposition, and is an easy keeper. On 10/06/2022, Smarty Pants was vaccinated; she weighed 995 pounds; and her horns measured 67 ½” TTT. She is OCV’d, TB free, and Brucellosis free.
Incorporate Type:

Breeding History

Breeding TypeExposed ToStart DateEnd DateFlush DateObservedNotes
Natural ServiceSR Waylon 812906/29/2022   
Natural ServiceSR Clout 46608/11/202106/28/2022 Heifer calf: SR 264
Natural ServiceSR Clout 46609/13/202008/10/2021 Bull calf: SR 166
Natural ServiceSR Clout 46610/24/201909/08/2020 Heifer calf: SR 0137

Pregnancy Check History

Date CheckedCheck TypeVet CheckedMonths Bred at CheckResultExpected Due DateBlood Test Response
No records to display.
Measurement TypeMeasurementMeasurement DateMeasurement CommentsOfficial MeasurementOfficial Locations
Tip to Tip67.500010/06/2022  
Tip to Tip64.250004/21/2022  
Total Horn80.000004/21/2022  
Weight945.000004/21/2022Hip Height - 52.25" 
Tip to Tip60.500008/11/2021  
Right Base12.250011/13/2020Both bases 
Tip to Tip55.250011/13/2020  
Total Horn63.250011/13/2020  
Weight750.000011/13/2020Hip Height - 50.5" 
Tip to Tip41.375012/05/2019  
Total Horn43.500012/05/2019  
Tip to Tip34.375008/15/2019  
Treatment DateMedicationDosageSerial NumberNotes
10/06/2022Clean Up II30 ml  
10/06/2022Eprinex50 ml  
10/06/2022LongRange10 ml  
10/06/2022Multimin 906 ml  
10/06/2022Vision 8 Somnus w/ Spur2 ml  
10/06/2022ViraShield 6 + VL5 HB Somnus5 ml  
04/21/2022Eprinex45 ml  
04/21/2022LongRange9 ml  
04/21/2022Multimin 906 ml  
04/21/2022ViraShield 6 + VL5 HB Somnus5 ml  
04/21/2022Clean Up II30 ml  
04/21/2022Vision 8 Somnus w/ Spur2 ml  
08/11/2021Clean Up II30 ml  
08/11/2021Eprinex45 ml  
08/11/2021LongRange9 ml  
08/11/2021Multimin 906 ml  
08/11/2021Vision 8 Somnus w/ Spur2 ml  
08/11/2021ViraShield 6 + Vl5 HB Somnus5 ml  
11/13/2020Clean Up II30 ml  
11/13/2020Eprinex35 ml  
11/13/2020LongRange7 ml  
11/13/2020Multimin 906 ml  
11/13/2020ViraShield 6 + VL5 HB Somnus5 ml  
11/13/2020Vision 8 Somnus w/ Spur2 ml  
12/05/2019Eprinex27.5 ml  
12/05/2019LongRange6 ml  
12/05/2019MultiMin 904 ml  
12/05/2019ViraShield 6 + VL5 HB Somnus5 ml  
12/05/2019Cylence30 ml  
12/05/2019ViraShield 6 + VL5 HB Somnus5 ml  
08/15/2019Cylence30 ml  
08/15/2019Eprinex30 ml  
08/15/2019LongRange5.5 ml  
08/15/2019MultiMin 906 ml  
08/15/2019ViraShield 6 +VL55 ml  
08/15/201920/20 Vision w/ Spur2 ml  
  • SR 0137
    • SR 0137
    • DOB: 9/8/2020
    • SR Clout 466 x Smarty Pants Slayer
  • SR 166
    • SR 166
    • DOB: 8/10/2021
    • SR Clout 466 x Smarty Pants Slayer
  • SR 264
    • SR 264
    • DOB: 6/28/2022
    • SR Clout 466 x Smarty Pants Slayer